As Brookline’s official Boston Marathon team, we do more than just support our charities, we unify our town around a shared commitment to our community and passion for the Boston Marathon.

Team Brookline believes that building a supportive sense of TEAM is paramount to individual success and a memorable experience for each runner.

Being a Team Brookline Runner


Team Activities

Throughout the season, Team Brookline runners participate in several team activities. These include monthly team meetings, weekly weeknight team runs, social activities (no running required!) and an end-of-season celebration.

Team Training Support

Our training coach will provide each Team Brookline runner with a comprehensive 18-20 week training plan personalized with information specific to individual needs and goals throughout the training season. Additionally, the team will run its weekly long runs together on Saturday mornings where water, Gatorade and recovery snacks will be provided by helpful volunteers cheering the team on along the way.

Fundraising Support

Upon acceptance, Team Brookline runners will receive their individual First Giving fundraising page to personalize with their photo, story and fundraising goal. Additionally, each runner will be provided with a helpful fundraising guide to support their efforts with detailed information on how to host events, leverage social media and connect with their network of friends, family and colleagues. Throughout the season, runners will receive weekly tips and will have the opportunity to participate in team workshops focused specifically on fundraising opportunities.

Team Testimonials

“I’ve been on other charity teams, but this Team Brookline has set an entirely new standard.  From the cheering stops on Beacon to the countless emails to those “what to expect” talks up on Heartbreak all winter, this has been an outstanding moment of our town, this team, and each of you who helped make it possible”

“It was so great to go through this experience with you all. Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen so smoothly and with such enthusiasm and expertise. It has been incredible and so memorable.”

“The team experience was amazing and really helpful while training. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.”