About Us

One of the world’s oldest marathons, the Boston Marathon is a popular event for both runners and spectators. It is also one of the hardest marathons to get into!

Each of the eight towns along the Boston Marathon route is given a number of race entries as a thank you for their support of the race. In 2012, the Town of Brookline became the first town to take these invitational numbers and create its own charity program, giving members of the community a chance to run in a historic race and establishing its official Boston Marathon team: Team Brookline.

Team Brookline is a committed group of adult runners who train together for the Boston Marathon while raising funds for five partner charities that play an integral role in strengthening and enriching our community: The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health, Brookline Education Foundation, Brookline Library Foundation, Brookline Symphony Orchestra, and Brookline Teen Center.

Over the past eight years more than 200 Team Brookline runners, supported by friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and others, as well as our local business community, have raised over $2 million, an amazing accomplishment that has made a true impact in the lives of all who live, work, or go to school in Brookline.